Drove 393 miles.  Spending the night in Jackson, Mississippi.
Drove through some flooded streets in the Florida Panhandle.  Possible result of that is my horns are non-functional.
The fuse is alright.  Hoping something got wet which will dry out and restore the horns.

I've got replacement Wolo horns on me and a fellow SCoA member who will be attending the Nationals has
contacted me, offering to track down the problem in Denver.

I'm half way there. Spending the night in Sherman, Texas.

Reached 60K on the odometer this morning.

About an hour later, I got my 60K oil change in the booming metropolis of Ruston, Louisiana.

They were impressed with the amount of luggage I pulled out to give them access to the engine bay ... and then they saw I had even more behind the seats and on the passenger seat floor board, LOL



There were four or five guys working and the only other thing going on in the shop was a weathered looking lawn tractor one of them was working on. The whole crew spent a lot of time gawking and asking questions.

The car needs a bath.

Other than cleaning dead bugs off of the front, I think I'll wait until the journey is closer to being over.
20130707Sun:   Early arrival

I had planned on spending tonight at Raton, NM. But, I got there so early I decided to press on another 22 miles to Starkville, CO. I drove 578 miles today.

Made it through Raton Pass just fine at the speed limit, although I did have to down shift to do it. Brought back memories of my youth when I had a breakdown making the ascent. NOT a good place for car trouble, believe me.

A point of interest just beyond the pass.

Linked to larger.

So, I sit just 212 miles from Westminster, meaning my outbound trip is 87% over in three days.

I've really missed my air horns the past three days.  It drives me nuts and makes me want to give fools a blast of the horn when they go around me and cut 30 feet in front of me at 78 MPH.  Morons.
Drove from Starkville to Colorado Springs.  That's only 129 miles (not counting wrong turns).  I got here around 1300, just in time to register at the hotel.  I emptied everything out of the car to lighten it up for some mountain driving this afternoon.

Drove to Cripple Creek, at 9494 feet.  Ran my dash cam around CC.  Hope that came out good, but I haven't checked it yet.  Cripple Creek has changed quite a bit since I lived there in the early 1980s.  Casinos do that to a small town.

Seen from above ... Mt. Pisgah on the right.
Cripple Creek 2013
Images are linked to larger.

On the way back to Colorado Springs I took some photos of Pikes Peak from the less famous West side.

There are some patches of snow visible below.  Kinda hard to tell it's snow, but it is.  I'll get a closer look in a week.
Pikes Peak viewed from the west

When I got back to the hotel, I took these pictures of this rig in the parking lot.
Hellmann's 88 -

Hellmann's 88 - two

Hellmann's 88 - 3
Heading up to Denver (Westminster) tomorrow to check into the Westin.
Got to the hotel around 1300.   Got my car detailed.  Looks good, for now.
WiFi is an additonal $11 per 24 hours!  :(

Like other high dollar hotels I've stayed at in the past, no microwave nor fridge.
You can get them, but you have to make the request and they'll bring them to
your room, IF the limited supply hasn't already been taken.  I lucked out and got them.

It sure seems that the more you pay for a room, the less you get.

Well, there are about 10 other cars here so far, with more expected in the next few hours.
There are 110 registered for the event.  Tomorrow morning the SoCali group will arrive.
Some of us already here are going to drive up to Loveland Pass to meet them
for the final 60 miles of their journey.

Photos are linked to larger.

View from my 7th floor room ...

Kermit (Alan) and his babies, Molly and the new pup.

Sunset over the mountains West of Denver.

I tried to meet up with the SoCal smarties at Loveland Pass.
Originally, the plans were to depart at 0700.  I woke up at the ungodly hour of 0530 to join the welcoming caravan.
Went down to the parking lot, where I learned they were behind schedule and the Westin group wouldn't depart until 0900.
Went back to the room to consume a couple cups of coffee.
Then, went back down to the parking lot just before 0900, but the caravan had already departed.
I decided to make the drive to Loveland Pass solo, hoping to catch up.  Didn't make it.  Nice drive nevertheless.

I later found out that I'm not alone in being an out of towner who experienced difficulty in navigating Denver.  Like all big cities, it is frustrating.

Some kind of water birds making themselves at home on a solar array near the hotel.

Just because we could, three smarts in two parking spaces.


Night shot from room.

smart fortwos gathering at Westin Westminister

smarts lining up at westin westministerr

B & F Mountain Market
B & F Mountain Market

Jetfuel at B & F Mountain Market
There's snow on them thar hills!
Snow in July

Kayaking accident

Kayaking accident


Down by the river

Concrete pond from hotel room.
View of concrete pond at hotel
Scene from room.  Rain in distance.
Scene from hotel. Rain in distance

At Red Rocks
At Red Rocks

Red Rocks photo shoot
Below, in HD or original size.
Red Rocks photo shoot

Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Red Rocks kids
Our photographer, way up on the hill
Red Rocks Photographer

My car
Car Show time!
Car Show from above

Car Show

Car Show
Dang.  I didn't take many pictures at the car show, and I wish I took more.  It was too damned hot!  I had to take several breaks to cool off.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
20130714Sun:  Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Pikes Peak Cog Railway
Take a walk in a cloud.
Pikes Peak cloud walk

Pikes Peak in clouds
It's a good thing we are wearing sunglasses!
Pikes Peak tourists

Pikes Peak Hi Mom!

Pikes Peak tourists

Pikes Peak Ancient Aliens

Pikes Peak Cog Railroad Train
Captain, there be smarts here!
Pikes Peak smarts

Pikes Peak smart cars

Descent from Pikes Peak, first view under the clouds.

About ready for the trip home.  Washed the car and had the windows re-tinted.
Had a conversation with another car wash customer.  I'll never forget her.